Expectant Parents

Many of our expectant parents were patients themselves with us in their earlier days whereas others have heard about us from friends or have identified us based upon ‘word of mouth’.

If you want to meet us face to face, please call our office and arrange a complementary visit with our doctor.

Commonly asked Questions :


Newborns are seen in Hospital by Hospital Pediatricians. If you provide Hospital with our information as your child’s Pediatrician, Hospital may contact us.

Newborn blood screen

Your baby will get the newborn blood screen before leaving the hospital. This test looks for certain conditions so we can treat them early, before they lead to more serious health problems.


begins in the office within a few days. Please call us to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.


Appointments can be arranged during evening or weekend hours.


Emergencies are priorities. We will see a sick child same day during office hours. We are On Call 24/7.

Office Visit

Office Visit never ends when you leave the office. As the child needs continuous care from the parents, you will have continuous access to us.

Telephone Questions

Telephone Questions are taken seriously at Pediatric Health Care Associates

Pediatrician is a partner

With you in ensuring good medical care for your child. At Pediatric Health Care Associates we will make sure you feel confident in the decision you made by selecting us as the right Pediatrician for your child.

Board Certification

Board Certification ensures standard of care and we meet them. We endeavor to provide you with outstanding care. You will find that out as you get to know us.


Breastfeeding is the way to go. But please remember there is no such thing as failure when it comes to Breastfeeding. You will give your best shot and we will provide you with the support you need to make it happen.


Immunization is the best preventive care known to modern science. If you have any reservation, we will work with you with the child’s best interest in mind. We will always respect parent’s opinion.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine may have a place in the child’s care, as long as it does no harm.